What is NetSuite Automation?

NetSuite SuiteFlow helps businesses maximise efficiency by automating workflow-driven tasks, from simple alerts and data input validations to complex, multistage processes. From an intuitive point-and-click interface, business users can craft and optimise responsive workflows to automate all standard and custom processes your company depends on.

Processes that Adapt to Your Business

Because every business has unique requirements, automated processes are fully adaptable to fit into any organisational structure and operational design.

Identify Opportunities for Greater Efficiency

Process automation helps businesses seize opportunities to improve workplace communications, make more timely decisions, increase transparency and accountability, and eliminate redundant tasks.

NetSuite Process Automation Benefits

  • Easy to Define and Update Workflows. Users have access to easy-to-understand visual tools to create single- or multi-step workflows like estimate or quote approvals.
  • Improved Data Quality. Ensure that information entered by users is accurate by applying data integrity logic, including custom formulae, to fields before information gets saved.
  • Frictionless Operations. Connect key events and operational data to streamline and automate repeatable tasks and optimise organisational efficiency.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Process Automation Features

Visual Process Definition

SuiteFlow’s Manager Interface makes it easy for your administrators and business users to visualise, create, manage and refine every workflow stage, action, condition and property for each automated process you deploy.

Fine-Grained Extensibility

Workflow logic can be further extended and refined by embedding SuiteScript functions and APIs in scripts with the ability to act on any custom or standard record defined in your account and can even call other existing workflows to support complex business processes.

Flexible Triggers

Process flows can trigger based on user-driven events, schedules — virtually any upstream action or condition within NetSuite that connects to workflows that may require human interaction to complete or move to the next stage.


Notifications and Alerts

Send email notifications and surface actionable alerts directly within the user interface to let roles within a workflow know when manual actions such as approvals are required.                                   

Portability Across Accounts

Workflows can be defined as custom objects by developers and securely deployed to any of your accounts with the SuiteCloud Development Framework.