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  • Concerned about the potential disruption to your accounting processes due to ERP and business software changes?
  • Do you lack internal accounting resources, expertise, or motivation to handle these changes effectively?
  • Are you looking to enhance efficiency and reduce the time and effort spent on resource management, training and administrative tasks?

Our team has over 20 years of international experience -
Digitalising companies of all sizes in Estonia, the Nordic countries, and other European countries


Business management software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking standard yet flexible solutions. Odoo enables you to utilise all the necessary tools to easily start and grow your business. With an extensive library of modules and apps covering various functions, from accounting and inventory management to CRM, all seamlessly integrated with your website or point of sale (PoS), you can enhance sales efficiency, track transactions and inventory, and provide efficient customer service at any point of sale. AI supports invoice automation in accounting, making your company paperless. At AccoSuite, our expertise lies in customising the ideal Odoo solution that fits your company's needs precisely.


As the world´s leading cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite is a perfect fit for growth companies, larger enterprises, and international organisations seeking a powerful and flexible system. NetSuite can handle even the most complex business operations and financial processes, supporting your company's growth plans and being precisely tailored to your industry. At AccoSuite, we create comprehensive solutions that support your company's business and financial processes, we also optimise and customise the current system. Furthermore, we ensure that your employees continue to use the system most efficiently in the future.

Business services

The use of platform-powered accounting service is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, providing fast access to modern technology and expertise, which significantly improves the efficiency of your financial processes. For accounting services, we use both NetSuite and Odoo platforms, which keep your financial matters in order and drive company growth. We offer comprehensive financial consulting, tax and legal consulting services for both specific and day-to-day business-related matters. Furthermore, we provide support for establishing a EU business in Estonia, and for international businesses, we deliver cross-border tax compliance and transfer pricing solutions.

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We contribute to sustainability and environmental responsibility

Cloud Efficiency: Cloud-based infrastructure reduces hardware needs, lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Energy-Optimised: Cloud platforms use energy-efficient systems and renewable sources for eco-friendly data centers.

Paperless Operations: Digital documentation minimises paper use, saving trees and reducing waste.

Remote Work: Reduced commuting leads to less traffic and lower transportation emissions.

Resource Optimisation: Improved inventory, supply chain, and production processes reduce waste and resource use.

Sustainability Analytics: Tools for measuring and improving environmental performance, including energy use, emissions, and waste.

Compliance Support: Assists with meeting environmental regulations, preventing fines and legal issues.

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