Business software for your restaurant

Outstanding point-of-sale and inventory management software suitable for use in cafes, bars, and restaurants. It seamlessly works on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Improved customer experience

Integrated solutions streamline business operations by combining various tools and modules into a cohesive platform, enhancing efficiency and productivity
QR table scanning
Kitchen & Bar printing
Point of sale
Inventory management

Integrated POS Software

In most cases, point-of-sale software is integrated with business and inventory management software. However, when you use the Odoo platform, a single system is all you need. Odoo enables seamless management of orders, inventory, customer interactions, marketing, accounting, and more.
POS Hardware

Streamline the food ordering process for your customers

Key features:
• Floor plan setup and table arrangement
• Automatic QR code assignment to tables
• Customer QR code scanning for menu access
•  Real-time order reflection in Odoo POS
• Flexible payment options and continuous ordering using QR code scanning.
Odoo solution of POS Scan Table QR Code is an extremely useful tool for restaurants looking to automate the food ordering process for the convenience of their customers. With this solution, customers can easily scan a QR code placed on their table using their mobile devices. Once the QR code is scanned, the order seamlessly integrates into the Odoo POS system, where restaurant staff can efficiently manage it. Staff members can choose to accept the order, cancel it, add items to the cart, or send the order directly to the kitchen. This solution enables an overall improvement in the dining experience and enhances the efficiency of restaurant operations.

Integrated inventory

Odoo ensures real-time inventory tracking and precise order management forecasts. The Odoo Inventory application automatically records all transactions from the POS to the warehouse, providing you with real-time product availability information and saving you time. Furthermore, the POS seamlessly integrates with Odoo e-commerce, eliminating the need for separate inventory setups and enabling you to operate a genuinely multi-channel business with simplified processes.

Optimised inventory

Do you often deal with excessive inventory or occasionally forget to order critical products? Odoo offers automated inventory replenishment. Take advantage of reorder points and automatic purchase requests to further boost your supply chain's efficiency.

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Compatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required
Laptops and smartphines
Desktop computers
Industrial machines


A large selection of modules that can be added to your database when needed.