The Accosuite 8 Step ImplementationA proven model for successful implementation

Once you've figured out if your business needs NetSuite Implementation, it's time to start planning it all out. NetSuite ERP is an integrated software solution that changes the operation of multiple departments within an organisation. Transition to a new ERP should be carefully planned, including thorough preliminary analysis and planning, system implementation as well as technical user support. Choosing the right implementation method significantly reduces implementation errors, avoids unrealistic expectations and ensures staying within budget - AccoSuite supports your business by fully understanding your business goals and applying deep industry knowledge throughout the entire implementation process.


The first and vital step is to understand your key challenges, determine high-level goals, gather business requirements, discuss the project scope and understand how NetSuite helps to achieve the end goal. Our Team  develops a detailed understanding of current issues, including process inefficiencies and requirements for the ERP system.


Once your goals have been locked in, our team performs onsite business review, analyze existing workflows, prepare user test cases and complete a Business Requirements Documents (BRD), which includes all business needs. In this step our team performs NetSuite gap analysis and discusses customisation options, details specific strategies, identifies potential integration and which migration systems you need. We establish Implementation timeline and identify dedicated resources and responsibilities for the internal and external teams.


The third implementation step includes NetSuite ERP basic set ups:
  • implement NetSuite functionality and additional modules
  • add specific settings and content based on your business requirements
  • configuring and automate key processes like Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report etc
  • migration of data from the previous system
  • import key data, such as account balances, customers, vendors, users
  • customisation of NetSuite features, create workflows, forms and develop additional scripts
  • set up integrations in accordance with BRD document
During the entire implementation process we establish benchmarks and milestones to ensure the project is completed on time and is in line with your specified budget.


Training begins right after NetSuite is configured. Appropriate training of key users is needed as this maximise the benefits of the application and key users get familiarised with the software to certify that implementation is meeting your expectations and requirements. Our experts provide you with exclusive trainings as well as suggest online NetSuite courses and guidelines for individual learning. 


The next step after training is to ensure that the outcome is according to the BRD requirements. There might be multiple rounds of testing and fine-tuning so all processes and customisations are working well and are in accordance with the established requirements.


After completing configuration, data migration and successful testing, we are excited to turn the switch on and go-live with the new ERP system. When using the system the first time with your actual business data, you might find out that some additional work or customisation must be performed to resolve any hiccups or roadblocks impeding your success. Our team makes sure to have fast solution so you can experience smooth transition to your new system.


After go-live your users might need additional support, such as technical, functional or administrative. AccoSuite provides full back-end support to improve your business processes, maintain your data, build custom reports or workflows, add new functionality or provide additional trainings, so you can make your business run more effectively and seamlessly.


Effective use of technology ensures better productivity and efficient business operations. We optimize the NetSuite ERP platform according to your needs. We provide continuous engagement, updates, release of new features and additions of leading practices. We perform business reviews to understand where is your business going and according your goals, we assist with optimisation plan to modify and upgrade the system depending on your future needs.

How Long Does it Take to Implement NetSuite?

On average, it takes up to 3 months to fully implement NetSuite. This might sound like a long time, but it's much less than the industry average for on-premise ERP implementation, which is about a year and a half. Depending on the requirements of your business, such as the existing software that needs to be integrated, the amount of customization or development work needed, it could take more or less time.