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manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing companies
need to know well their production-related data, fully understand internal processes and employees, as well as external factors such as vendors, distributors, partners, etc. NetSuite Manufacturing delivers a single integrated cloud solution that replaces the disconnected systems that are used by manufacturers today. It offers comprehensive functionality and is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating costs, increase revenue and better manage their business and supply chain processes overall. NetSuite Manufacturing processes are connected to financial reports, inventory management and outstanding orders in real-time.

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based platform that makes manufacturing easy and helps businesses to grow, achieve goals and succeed.

Makes production processes efficient

NetSuite automates all business processes in a manufacturing organisation. It also provides a comprehensive view of supply chain, production, operations, inventory and customer demand in one system. NetSuite ensures inventory and resource management, access to reliable and accurate information, thus supporting key decisions that drive growth.


NetSuite allows you to manage your resources, plan work centers and machine layouts. Improves capacity planning, ensures the availability of suitable resources to optimise production processes. Automates the scheduling of each batch individually depending on machine capacity. The system calculates and forecasts demand and sales. NetSuite allows to review and update forecasts.


NetSuite provides complete inventory transparency. Optimise inventory and avoid running out of stock. Timely submission of purchase orders and on-time deliveries. Automate inventory, track product quantities, status, returns and location. Taking inventory, writing off, packing slips and more.

Supports Supply Chain Diversity

Companies with multinational or multi-subsidiary operations can leverage NetSuite OneWorld to confidently navigate taxation, currency exchanges, legal compliance, and other challenges associated with having an international footprint. NetSuite has lower upfront costs than on-premise or legacy alternatives, and all 32,000+ customers in over 200 countries are running on the same version. No version lock and better security too.

Management of Materials (BOM)

A BoM is a list of materials, assemblies, sub-components, and parts needed to make final products. NetSuite allows multiple BOM’s for a single assembly item and for a single BOM is used with multiple assembly items. Create multiple revisions of a BOM with different effective start and end dates.


One version of the truth. Reduce redundant manual work and labor costs. Integrated communication between ERP, CRM, sales, e-commerce production, warehouse, procurement, customer support and accounting - all on one cloud platform.  Plus, all data is updated in real-time. 

Achieve End-to-End Visibility 

With NetSuite for manufacturers, all essential data points and financials are several clicks away within your customised dashboard. From raw materials sourcing to production to customer lifecycle information, you have everything needed to make informed business decisions.


Improve customer satisfaction. Easy order fulfillment of according to stock availability in all warehouses / locations. Automated process of product picking, packing and shipping  in real time. Integrated with delivery partners such as FedEx, UPS and postal services. Automatic change of order status to pending approval, pending fulfillment and pending billing. Easy return of orders.

Supports New Sales Channels

NetSuite for manufacturers empowers to embrace new sales channels and activities like direct-to-consumer, omnichannel ecommerce, email marketing, etc. The powerful CRM can be coupled with NetSuite’s robust ecommerce platform, consisting of two products called SuiteCommerce. It provides mobile-responsive, customisable web stores that can get you selling online quickly. You also can drill into customer records, individual transactions, and more because all NetSuite modules share the same data.

Supports Workforce Agility

NetSuite´s highly customisable dashboards enable you to easily create and edit new roles and permissions for your workforce. This platform also has built-in automation capabilities and carefully architected workflows based on years of industry best practices and thousands of deployments for manufacturing companies.

Seamlessly Connect Manufacturing Processes with Financials

NetSuite is built to help streamline the financial close and assist with all of the daily accounting tasks. It will connect your manufacturing processes to financial reports and other vital processes or workflows to ensure you have a complete financial overview. NetSuite is the product for you if your goals include:

  • Getting better control over your cash flow
  • Gaining better visibility into your order management process
  • Getting paid faster
  • Reduce "Cost to produce"
  • Expediting your financial close
  • Easily integrating an EDI solution
  • Quickly generating financial reports


NetSuite Cloud ERP and omnichannel software provides a complete business solution for manufacturing companies. NetSuite helps automate the entire product lifecycle management. All production activities are controlled by one integrated system. To run your business smoothly and simplify complex workflows, NetSuite has a number of powerful features.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition includes specific modules for demand planning, material requirements planning, production engineering, shop floor control, manufacturing inventory control, manufacturing cost control, project control, lot and serial control, and multi-division, multi-site solutions and so on.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition lets you manage your entire manufacturing business with one integrated application.  NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is a complete solution for manufacturing resource planning, integrated inventory and dynamic replenishment, warehouse management, financial accounting and costing, customer and partner relationship management, and ecommerce.
General functions 

- Role-based, customizable dashboards - Integrated manufacturing, CRM, accounting/ERP, ecommerce - Self-service vendor, partner and customer centers - Real-time access and company-wide visibility  - Complete Procure-to-Pay Purchasing -  Complete lead-to-order-to-cash process -  Key performance indicators-  Direct drill-down to detail and transactions


- Accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger - Multi-currency - Subsidiary consolidation  -  Automated payments 

Inventory/Order Fulfillment

- Order management - Lot and bin management - Serialized inventory - Matrix items - Multiple units of measure - Landed cost - Pick/pack/ship - UPS®, FedEx® shipping - Drop shipment / special order - One-click purchase orders - Standard, customizable reports - Integrated returns management authorization  - Advanced, multi-location inventory -   Streamlined receiving

Manufacturing Processes

- Kits and assemblies - Demand planning - Production engineering - Manufacturing inventory control - Shop floor control - Work order management - Cost control - Backflush accounting - Project control - Multi-division and multisite operations and planning - Lot and serial control -  Bill of Materials (BOM)

Customer Relationship Management

- Sales force automation - Marketing automation - Customer support and service - Incentive management - Offline sales client - Partner relationship management - Multi-channel revenue and customer management -  360-degree view of the customer

Website / Webstore

- Webstore and inventory management integration - Multi-store management - Advanced marketing and sales features - Customer, partner self-service centers - Website analytics - eBay integration

Employee Management and Productivity

- Role-based dashboards - Project tracking - Paperless expense reports - Advanced calendaring - Activity time management - Employee records - Purchase requisitions - Document management - Employee self-service

Quality management

- Inspections - Skip Lot, Sample Size and Failures - Test Definition - Specifications - Automatic Triggering of Inspections - Inspector Assignment 

You Can Tailor NetSuite to Meet Your Exact Business Requirements

NetSuite for Manufacturers Editions Overview

NetSuite offers three Manufacturing Editions, and each is fully customisable to the needs of your business. Your company can even deploy different versions of NetSuite simultaneously at different manufacturing locations.

The editions are titled Work Orders & Assemblies, WIP & Routings, and Advanced Manufacturing, and upgrading from one edition to another is seamless and easy.

As with every NetSuite product, all data is shared and updated in real-time to ensure your key decision-makers have the most accurate information to help propel your company forward efficiently and effectively.

  • Work Orders & Assemblies Edition – This works best for companies who do simple assembly work and do not need to track Work in Process or labor separately. NetSuite can be easily configured to support the needs of manufacturers of all types and sizes, and for many the first step is to implement the Work Orders & Assemblies module. Enabling this feature allows users to define assembly items, build complex multi-level bill of materials, create work orders, record assembly builds, and backflush components with minimal effort.

  • WIP & Routings Edition – It is a more robust solution than Work Orders & Assemblies. It is meant for companies that need to track labor costing, define work centers, routings, and infinite capacity scheduling, and more. Routings also provide the basis for the infinite capacity scheduling engine that can help identify which resources are being over- or under-utilized.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Edition – NetSuite for manufacturers’ most complete solution and was created for companies that require total control over all manufacturing processes.

Depending on your needs and processes, you may benefit from NetSuite’s native manufacturing functionality, or you may need more advanced features that support more complex production processes. Comparison of functionalities below.

Using WIP and routings also provides even greater detail into costs associated with the production process, as shown in the following chart:

If you are unsure about what type of manufacturing would best suit you, AccoSuite can help. We are an experienced NetSuite partner that can examine your company’s processes and make knowledgeable recommendations based on your needs. We can also determine whether you may benefit from customisations. Talk to AccoSuite representative today for more information.