NetSuite's flexibility and customisation capabilities are unmatched, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their unique needs

The NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform is an extensibility and customisation environment that enables companies to adapt NetSuite to the unique needs of their businesses. Designed for IT professionals, business analysts and application developers across a range of skillsets, SuiteCloud delivers a flexible set of unified solutions to configure, customise, integrate and programmatically extend any capability provided in the core product.

Complete ExtensibilityWhen you need to enhance the suite to do more, SuiteCloud provides a wide range of options from no-code customisation to business application development — that minimise the time and effort required to add custom functionality and provide user experiences attuned to your specific business needs.

Change Without Disruption - SuiteCloud is architected to ensure that any changes and customisations made to your NetSuite instance are always handled transparently and never disrupt production operations. Auditability controls ensure compliance requirements are met.

A Platform for Growth - SuiteCloud was built to empower companies to be agile by efficiently responding to and driving change to gain a competitive market advantage.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Benefits

  • No Version Lock. Customisations automatically carry forward during every version upgrade without requiring modification.
  • Customisation Without Coding. No/low-code tools put change — including the ability to extend the native data model — in the hands of non-technical business users. No IT help needed.
  • Flexible Business Process Automation. Automate common tasks and processes with visually defined workflows that don’t require coding.
  • Robust Application Development. Create business applications and programmatically defined customisations that extend NetSuite.
  • Software Lifecycle Management. Control and automate your end-to-end application pipeline from build to test, deploy and upgrade.
  • Standards-based Integration. Exchange business-critical data at scale with existing on-premises or cloud-native applications over industry standard interfaces like REST, CSV, ODBC and .NET.


Visual, point-and-click tools let businesses enhance the out-of-box NetSuite experience. Work with data your way by creating custom records, forms and other user-facing components that align with company objectives.

Process Automation

The ability to visually define workflows using no-code tools means non-technical users can automate common business processes and recurring tasks, like approvals, to help the organisation operate efficiently while enjoying consistently high levels of data quality.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time health dashboards provide visibility into the performance and stability of your NetSuite solution and include integrated tools to rapidly identify root cause issues. Ensure business continuity by delivering a reliable product experience that keeps users productive.


NetSuite connects with your application ecosystem over industry-standard interfaces and data formats, leveraging flexible integration strategies that adapt to virtually any customer environment.

Platform Development

Workflow logic can be further extended and refined by embedding SuiteScript functions and APIs in scripts with the ability to act on any custom or standard record defined in your account and can even call other existing workflows to support complex business processes.

Application Distribution

NetSuite applications developed in-house by customers or sourced from third parties can be centrally distributed and installed directly to customer accounts or published to the SuiteApp Marketplace and, where they become discoverable and available.